Sierra Leone Lighting Project 2

During the summer of 2018, 6 students and 2 mentor members of the Sierra Leone team completed a solar panel implementation trip at the Abigail D. Butscher Secondary School in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Throughout the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters, the team developed a design to give the students and teachers of the secondary school solar power using panels and batteries sourced in country. The completed project consists of 12 solar panels and 12 batteries which supply 3 classrooms with light and power. All components of the system were planned, calculated, and installed by students under the expert supervision and guidance of a professional engineer and professor. In addition to completing this technical project, the team also had an opportunity to strengthen relations with the students and staff of the school as well as the surrounding community. The team spent time communicating with the school staff and community in order to determine what the school needs next and what the best course of action for future projects is.