Local Project

This year, MDSE is partnering with Lewisdale Elementary, a Prince George’s County school, for
its Local project.

The Lewisdale school building was constructed in 1954, and since then has added an additional
wing of classrooms to accommodate more students. Unfortunately, due to grading issues around
the building, rainwater from the surrounding area flows towards the school. This causes flooding
in both older and newer classrooms during heavy rains, disrupting the school day. Lewisdale
principal Patricia Haith states that she and the rest of the Lewisdale staff “hold [their] breath
whenever it rains” before she personally checks each classroom to check for incoming water.
This semester, the Local project team will be targeting this flooding problem by designing a
system that diverts excess rainwater away from the school building. Any students interested in
contributing to the project can expect to perform the following tasks:

  • Topographical surveying of the land around Lewisdale
  • Analysis of topographical data in MicroStation.
  • Geotechnical and earthwork calculations
  • Hydrological modeling and calculations

Assessment of the site (surveying and MicroStation modeling) is currently under way. Design is
scheduled to begin in mid-October with the goal of implementing the system in the Winter of
2018 or Spring of 2019. Together, the Local team and Lewisdale Elementary will strive towards
a solution that eliminates classroom interruptions due to flooding.

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